EDDM® (Every Door Direct Mail®) basically covers the entire town or a portion of each zip-code by carrier route numbers. It guarantees the lowest postage rate; but please keep in mind that since it is mailed without the recipient’s name and address; there may be some delivery issues especially around clustered apartment building areas.

Size: 6.5″x9″

eddm® Plus

EDDM® Plus, It is basically same as next to EDDM® but unlike EDDM® mail, it includes recipient addresses. Only 5cents more, your adverting will be mailed with full addresses.

Size: 5.5″x8.5″

Target Direct Mail

This service offer you to select the specific target audience with demographics defined by age, gender, income, and etc.Basically mailing will be delivered to the selected audience with recipients’ address.Therefore, since it requires mailing lists, address printing ; it will cost you much more than EDDM.

Size: 5.5″x8.5″