Matters to take into account before doing Direct Mail

If this is your first direct mail, please review the following matters before making a decision.

Direct Mail Progress Process

• Design Process- Modifications make on existing designs (3-4 days required)

* Customized creation (7-10 days required)

• Printing- Once design has been approved by client, printing progress (4-5 days required)

• Address Process- Printing the addresses on your designed posts (1-2 days required)

• Mailing- After address process has been completed; the mails are delivered to post office. Time it takes for the customers in your area to receive the mail varies upon the area and also type of mail. Please request further information individually.

• Receipt Forwarding- Out of state clients may have doubts on if the mail has been actually sent or if we are fraudulent about the dispatch of mails when nothing is sent. Therefore, we provide you with a original receipt from the post office as a proof of service. This receipt contains the information on month and date, which business, what kind of mail, and how many mails have been dispatched.



Cancellation or Refund
Under many circumstances, you might inevitably cancel or modify the arrangements made. In such situation, the following are the amounts refunded with respect to the abovementioned processes.

* Design Process- When modifications are made on existing design : full refund with exclusion of design fee.

* When modifications are made on new custom design : full refund with exclusion of 20% of total invoice amount

* Printing- When printing is completed : full refund with exclusion of design and printing expenses.

* Address Process- When address process is completed : full refund with exclusion of printing and address expenses, and address printing expenses ($0.08/each)

* After mailing process is completed- if you used first class mail, you may possibly have 5% of total dispatch returned to you with incorrect address as reason.

We will refund you with all the expenses for the mails returned if you purchased the mailing list from us and prepared from the start to finish. And, you keep them and send them to our head office within 6month.

If you only ordered mailing list, mails with invalid addresses will be returned and be refunded for the appropriate amount list proportionate to the number of returns. On average, there may be 1-5% returns.

There is no GUARANTEE.
Advertisements using direct mail, same with any other advertisements, don’ t have the guarantee which says ? There is certain amount of efficiency of advertising. For your reference, direct mails that were dispatched from Impact show from minimum rate of 0.25% to maximum rate of 27% as results. Among these values, we have no way of finding out how the outcome will be on your business. For instance, we have sent out same form of direct mail with same contents of discounts to same type of business in two different areas. One area had tremendous efficiency with close to 20% rate, whereas the other area only had 1.2% rate of efficiency. Likewise, it is very likely that one area has tremendous effect when the other area only has diminutive effect.

If your store’ s customer list was used to send direct mail, it is probable that the value will be very high.

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