Matters to take into account before doing Direct Mail

If this is your first direct mail, please review the following matters before making a decision.

Direct Mail Progress Process

• Design Process- Modifications make on existing designs (3-4 days required) * Customized creation (7-10 days required)

• Printing- Once design has been approved by client, printing progress (4-5 days required)

• Address Process- Printing the addresses on your designed posts (1-2 days required)

• Mailing- After address process has been completed; the mails are delivered to post office. Time it takes for the customers in your area to receive the mail varies upon the area and also type of mail. Please request further information individually.

• Receipt Forwarding- Out of state clients may have doubts on if the mail has been actually sent or if we are fraudulent about the dispatch of mails when nothing is sent. Therefore, we provide you with a original receipt from the post office as a proof of service. This receipt contains the information on month and date, which business, what kind of mail, and how many mails have been dispatched.

EDDM VS Target Mail

EDDM® (Every Door Direct Mail®) basically covers the entire town or a portion of each zip-code by carrier route numbers. It guarantees the lowest postage rate; but please keep in mind that since it is mailed without the recipient’s name and address; there may be some delivery issues especially around clustered apartment building areas.



Target Direct Mail service allows you to select the specific target audience with demographics defined by age, gender, income, and etc. that is suitable for your business. Mailing will be delivered to the selected audience with recipients’ name and address.
Therefore, since it requires mailing lists, address printing, and NOCA verifications for mailing; it will cost you much more than EDDM.

I'll provide my own design. Am I eligible to receive any discount for that?

If you provide design with printing ready file, we’ll receive back the same amount of design service fee.