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Direct mail is a way of advertising by means of mail, which is why preferred area to send or target’s address is required. First, using the list you already have as a foundation can be a good way to start. One common point, majority of unsuccessful DM users had, was that they stopped using DM after once or twice thinking it wasn’t effective. On the other hand, the common point successful users of DM shared was that they did DM continuously for more than one year. Hence, whether it will be a successful DM or not depends on with how much persistence you carry on DM campaign.

Rational start will lead to early relinquishment; therefore it is more efficient to send small quantities persistently and continuously. For those of you who do not possess mailing list, you can purchase them from a mailing list company or other means.

Our Mailing list updated every month

Things to know…
* We do our best effort to keep up to date( monthly) but there is a chance of 3-7% error.
* Once you received your mailing lists, you need to use them ASAP
* You can select target area by Zip code, City, County, State or radius from one or more addresses.
* Address printing on label- $30/1000 (free UPS shipping)
* We have $100 minimum order

* Occupant List- $40 / 1000Lists
(It comes with Address, City, State, Zipcode. (No recipient name)

* Consumer List- $60 / 1000Lists
(It comes with Recipient name, Address, City, State, Zipcode)
Demographic search available
( Age, Gender, Income, House Value & etc) add $10 / 1000Lists per selection
(Ethnic Group: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Hispanic & etc),—add $20 / 1000

* Business List- $80 / 1000Lists
It comes with Business name, Address, City, State, Zipcode.
Demographic search available (Size, Sales Volume & etc)—add $10 / 1000Lists, Owner name—add $20 / 1000Lists

* New Mover, New Home Owner List- $100 / 500Lists
It comes with Recipient name, Address, City, State, Zipcode.

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